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Sébastien Henau
  • Hello there 👋

    My name is Sébastien, it's the french version of Sebastian. I know it's quite long, so "Seba" is just fine. I've also had people call me "seblet" or "sebie", they are different, but I'm fine with all of those!

    So, who am I? I'm a developer from Belgium mainly focused on front-end development at the moment. I'm working at Spatie , gracefully toggling my way in their front-end architectures, with coffee obviously.

    Sébastien Henau


    A little about me

    I like my spot at Spatie , but I have other ways of keeping myself busy during my own free time:

    • 🏃🏻‍♂️I like running, if I am not twisting my poor ankle again.
    • 🧗🏻‍♂️Conquering some climbing walls, or just ... gracefully descend from them.
    • 👾 Lazily playing some games in the sofa, when my energy levels are depleted.
    • 📚 Losing track of time when reading a thriller or a fantasy book.



    I graduated in 2017 and have been working ever since as a developer with a focus on front-end development.

    • Front-end developer at Spatie


      After 7 years at Little Miss Robot, I was eager to learn more from a technical point of view. I applied and got offered a job at Spatie, where the focus is more on Laravel oriented projects with a custom front-end.

    • -

      Front-end lead at Little Miss Robot


      As I saw the company grow, after 5 years, I was given the opportunity to grow into more of a lead role. My responsibilities shifted more and I had to combine managing, guiding and maintaining a development team, while still building digital products.

    • -

      Front-end developer at Little Miss Robot


      After an internship I got offered a job at Little Miss Robot. I worked on various projects ranging from content sites to data driven web applications to experimental digital experiences. I was given the opportunity to work and experiment with different languages, libraries and frameworks with a focus on the front-end.

    • Intern front-end developer at Little Miss Robot


      In the course of my studies I landed a three-month internship at Little Miss Robot. This opportunity shifted my focus, leading me more into the role of a front-end developer.

    • Student job at Endare


      During my studies I was able to secure a student job for a little over a month at Endare, where my focus was mainly on translating the visual layer to an interactive experience in a browser.

    • Student job at Open Summer of Code (2015)


      Back in 2015, I participated in one of the projects offered in the 2015 version of Open Summer of Code. Over the span of 3 weeks, I got introduced to a new topic: open data.



    During my education I landed 2 bachelor degrees. Both degrees complemented each other where I was able to explore UX, visual design, motion design, back-end and front-end development.

    • -

      Digital Design & Development (Devine)

      Howest University college West-Flanders


    • -

      Graphic Design and Digital Media

      Artevelde University College




    I've been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to learn and work on some challenging projects. Ranging from content websites to data driven web applications to experimental digital experiences. Check out some of the projects I've worked on over the past years!

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